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Clan reputation

Post  Nem0 on Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:33 am

is it normal to get 137 points from clan reputation quest /the quest that u kill raid boss and return the item to the npc in aden near the olympiad manager/ what is that ?? u push us to donate for clan level and reputation or what? would u please check on it... normal in low rated server when u get a raid boss witch is from that quest u get 1500 Clan reput ... here is hight rate so COUNT COUNT and thing how much to increase it .... everybody can donate for what he needs but some times u get pissed of that and u want to do something on ur own like me.So im rly asking u increase the reward of this quest... other way is impossible to get the clan level by the normal way.Dont forget what u've posted -> Friendly staff <- so u should care about each players opinion. THX Smile

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