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L2Farenheit Features

Post  Prinslator on Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:31 pm

Exp Rates:

Server's Rates:
Exp Rate: x500
Sp Rate: x500
Drop Rate: 1
Drop Adena Rate: x700
PartyExp Rate: x1
PartySp Rate: x2

Enchant Rates:

Safe: +10
Max: +20
Enchant Rate: 85%
If enchant fail, your item doesn't break. It becomes +0!

Special Features:

Server's Special Features:
PvP Color System:
1000 PvP = Purple Title
2000 PvP = Blue Title
3000 PvP = Orange Title
4000 PvP = Yellow Title
5000 PvP = Red Title
New Auto Event every 50 minutes! Don't lose it! Nice prizes!
NO Grade Penalty.
Working Lv 81 Skills.
Working Attributes.
Tattoo with custom stats.
Cloaks with custom stats.

Normal Features:

GM Shop with all necessary items.
NPC Buffer with many useful buffs. (Buff's duration time: 4 hours.)
Character's buff slots: Infinity.
Special Global Gatekeeper.
Custom Farming Areas.
NO Quest for Subclass.
Custom Noblesse Quest.
Normal Olympiad Period.
Auto TvT/CTF Events.
Sieges every week.

And many more... ingame!

These features provide you an easy and active gameplay.

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