Olympiad Point calculation problems

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Olympiad Point calculation problems

Post  Rose on Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:35 am

I suggest you look in how points are lost and won in oly matches because, from what i know if its a big gap between players, if the high one loses, it will lose 1/3 of the points that the lower one (the winner has), and if isn't a big gap, it losses 1/6 of the points it has.

I write this because yesterday i lost a match to a titan, i don't care that he dosen't know more then preFrenzy, but i dont think is fair that i lose 13 points. A day ago i won with the same player and i got 4 points, make any callculation you want, he lost at the one of the last matches in oly in that day and i lost at the begging in the next day, its imposible to get enough point to make that big gap. Gap is 150 points on official.

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