Just some suggestion's

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Just some suggestion's

Post  Showtek on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:57 am

Hi , first of all can at least GM-s talk english in !chat?.
Secondly can you implement a shop where you can change like 1k white red black philisopher's stones for 100 magic gem , so that won't be too easy to get but everyone will get it.Because raiding sucks most of time you are at the point to kill the RB and another sick party with 5 healers come and take you'r RB, or you won't ever find them online.
Another suggestion may be the olympiad , to prevent prefrenzy or prezealot delete all the conversion items and the Doom Light armor (B Grade), I think it won't affect anyone's gameplay.
To stop the OP Healers from oly you can make the reuse time of Mana Burn bigger or take some power from it.
And ofcourse the tanks that are omfgpwnzors in oly , you can decrease a bit their atk speed speed because it's like this : You hit for 100 dmg , x(tank) hit hit hit hit hit for 200-300-400 , the problem won't be the power but the atk speed because they hit 4 and you hit 1.

Please answer me in english , and tell me what you will do and what you won't do from what i wrote above.Thanks.

Cheers , ShowTeK.

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