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Post  DarknesS on Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:29 pm

Prinslator - Server Owner / Administrator / Developer / Forum Administrator / Chat Owner

This guy is the server owner , he give's almost his half money for the server , he's crazy but a really good guy , he has done very good job to the server by developing it , almost everything u can find is made by him.

DarkNesS - Administrator / Forum Administrator / Main Chat Owner

DarkNess is passing almost the rest of his time in our chat trying to solve your problems , he is always look after the rules , anyone breaking the rules will be hard punished by him , so be gentle.

DarkAngel - Head GameMaster / Forum Moderator / Chat Owner

He is friendly,helpfull and a lot of hours online to game to help you with your problems.You can ask him what you want and dont hesitate to pm him.He will answer you and help you solve your problem.He will make also a lot of type of events which will entertain you.

(As you can see we have many gamemasters to provide help on our server 24/7 @ Forums , Web chat , In game , each one with his own specialty only for our community, you.)

Regards: Everyone supporting our Project , L2 Farenheit!
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